See you in Romania!
04 Oct 2016 by ewa

Tour with DHG
We are ready to embark on a week of debauchery with our friends from DHG. Here are the dates and venues:

18.06: Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpehuset

19.06: Poznan, Poland - U Bazyla

20.06: Erfurt, Gemany - From Hell Club

21.06: Vienna, Austria - Viper Room

22.06: Antwerpen, Belgium - Kavka

23.06: Lille, France - El Diablo Club

24.06: Arnhem, The Netherlands - Willemeen

25.06: Oberhausen, Germany - Helvete
15 Jun 2016 by ewa

Booked for WitchFest, Johannesburg!
We're proud to announce that we are booked for WitchFest 2016, the biggest metal festival in South Africa (if not all of the continent!).

More details here:

27 Jun 2015 by ewa

New guitar player!
It has been somewhat quiet from us lately, and that is for a reason. Our guitar player Håvard chose to leave the band. We wish him best of luck, and thank him for his devotion and mad skills; cheers buddy!

Now, we are happy to introduce the new guitar player in Diskord, please welcome Dmitry Sukhinin to the fold!

22 Feb 2015 by ewa

'Horrid Engine' Promo Video
We have recorded a promo video of the opening track from the forthcoming Oscillations MLP/MCD; check it out:

Preorder Oscillations now from Hellthrasher Productions (Europe) or Australopithecus Records (America)
18 Jul 2014 by ewa

Oscillations nearing release
Our upcoming mini-album is getting closer to release, through our partners in Helthrasher Productions and Australopithecus Records.

Take a look at the cover artwork, as always by the magnificent Sindre Foss Skancke:

Track listing:

1. Horrid Engine
2. Lethargic Regression
3. Hermit Dream
4. Elytrous Oscillations
5. Symbiotic Whims
6. A Downward Spire
09 May 2014 by ewa

Gig at by:Larm 2014
We're happy to announce that we're playing at this year's by:Larm event in Oslo alongside some 150 other interesting acts; for the full story, head on to

04 Feb 2014 by ewa

South Of Heaven Club Anniversary
Friday November 1st at Betong, Oslo; be there!

25 Oct 2013 by ewa

DOOMSCAPES reissue 2CD out now on Hellthrasher Productions
We are happy to announce that DOOMSCAPES is available on CD again, after having been out of print for some time. Hellthrasher Productions has made a quality release with a bonus CD containing the full Aural Abjection demo from 2003.

Order now from Hellthrasher Productions.
30 Jul 2013 by ewa

South of Heaven Anniversary
The South of Heaven metal club is 10 years in November, and they are arranging a festival to celebrate! Several great acts have already been announced, such as the mighty CORONER, our friends in KATECHON, and party thrashers NOCTURNAL BREED. We are happy to announce that DISKORD will be part of this fine lineup as well.
19 Jul 2013 by ewa

Inferno 2013
First of all, a huge thanks and cheers to everyone who came and supported us at our gigs in Trondheim, Hamar and Oslo!

Diskord's next appearance on stage will be at the Inferno Festival 2013.

18 Dec 2012 by ewa

Autumn Gigs!
Upcoming gigs in Trondheim, Hamar, and Oslo:

- 30.11.2012, Friday, Fru Lundgreens, Trondheim, Norway together with
Grotesque Hysterectomy and Execration

- 01.12.2012, Saturday, Seb's, Hamar, Norway, together with Grotesque Hysterectomy and Execration

- 08.12.2012, Saturday, Revolver, Oslo, Norway, together with Grotesque Hysterectomy and Execration

Hope to see you there!
22 Oct 2012 by ewa

Doomscapes is SOLD OUT!
Our debut album Doomscapes is now SOLD OUT from the band, No Posers Please!, and our distributor VME (Voices Music Entertainment). If you have a copy, be happy it is now the currently out of print first edition. If you do not, time to rummage the Internet or your local shops for the last remaining items!

Cheers everyone, and thank you for your support!
18 Aug 2012 by ewa

European tour
Tomorrow, the tour with Execration kicks off with an opening slot for grind legends NASUM in brutal Bologna. The dates are as follows:

- 22.06.2012: Italy, Bologna @ XM24 w/ NASUM + WORMROT.
- 23.06.2012: Germany, Memmingen @ Schwarzer Adler "Mosh Against Southside IV" w/ FLESHCRAWL + ENDDARM.
- 25.06.2012: Czech Republic, Breclav @ Piksla Kafe.
- 26.06.2012: Czech Republic, Prague @ Exit-us w/ POSSESSED (usa) + PANDEMIA.
- 27.06.2012: Germany, Berlin @ Koma-F.
- 28.06.2012: Germany, Neu-Anspach @ Juz Alt-Anspach w/ WOMB LEECH.
- 30.06.2012: Italy, Milan @ Blue Rose Saloon w/ NECRO + GRINDZERO.
21 Jun 2012 by ewa

Dystopics Digitized
Dystopics is now available on most major streaming services, for instance:



01 May 2012 by ewa

New shirts
Check out the new DYSTOPICS shirts:

Check the merch page for details.
10 Apr 2012 by ewa

Info on ordering DYSTOPICS
Our sophomore album, DYSTOPICS, is out. You may order it directly from our label No Posers Please!:

Alternatively, you may contact us instead.
09 Apr 2012 by ewa

DYSTOPICS release party April 3rd
We are finally ready to release DYSTOPICS, our long-awaited sophomore album. It will be out on No Posers Please! on CD, vinyl and as digital download.

The release party takes place on Tuesday, April 3rd, at Unholy in Oslo. The magnificent GHOUL CULT will be supporting us. Be there!

Dystopics contains 12 new songs of dissonant, doomy, technical, weird, old school-ish death metal:

01. Entropic Death
02. Overseer
03. Epochal
04. Tremble
05. Woebegoneness
06. Ambisinistral
07. Psychotic Process
08. As the Circus leaves the Galaxy
09. Rambling Words from a sore Throat
10. Metamorphosis
11. Godsends and Hellbents
12. Primitive Doom
24 Jan 2012 by ewa

Til Dovre Faller
DISKORD will appear on Norway's arguably most exotic metal festival on the 1st of October. See you in the mountains!

31 Mar 2011 by ewa

Inferno Festival Appearance
We will be playing as the first band on Thursday of this year's Inferno festival. John Dee, 17:45 - be there!

31 Mar 2011 by ewa

Doomscapes tape
While waiting for our sophomore album Dystopics to be released, it is now possible to enjoy our 2007 debut album Doomscapes in all its splendor on the magnificent format of analogue tape. The label responsible for this is Portugal's Escaravelho Records. You can order it by contacting us on e-mail, or use any of these webshops:

15 Nov 2010 by hj

New songs from forthcoming album
We have posted a couple rough mixes of new songs from our forthcoming 'Dystopics' album, check 'em out at our MySpace page, or download the promo from here.
02 Nov 2010 by ewa

Ready for studio time!
We will enter the studio in September 2010 to commence the recording of the follow-up to 2007's critically acclaimed Doomscapes. 12 killer tunes are ready; watch this space for further updates as the recording progresses.
21 Jul 2010 by ewa

Live Evil Festival UK gig
Due to being Fenriz' band of the week a few weeks ago at the Darkthrone Myspace, we have been asked to play at the Live Evil Festival in London, UK, October 23-24. It comprises mainly bands who have been Fenriz' band of the week.

Live Evil Myspace
22 Apr 2010 by hj

Gothenburg gig
A show in our neighboring country Sweden has been booked, once again with the mighty OBLITERATION, and also the cool, obscure local death metal band KARNARIUM. They play an evil, charmingly oddball sort of death metal. Hopefully, the joint forces of DISKORD and OBLITERATION will be well received by the Swedish hordes.

Karnarium Myspace
Obliteration Myspace
22 Apr 2010 by hj

Oslo gig and split EP release
On the 24th of April, the tops of the pops of the Oslo DM scene will all appear in celebration of the 4-way split Oslo We Rot 7" out on Unborn Productions. The guilty parties are Execration, Lobotomized, Obliteration and of course Diskord! The festivities will take place at Garage Oslo; be there!

08 Feb 2010 by ewa

Poster for the Trondheim gig
NOTE: Resonaut are replacing Sexy Police on this gig.

11 Jan 2010 by ewa

Live at the Inferno Kick Off in Trondheim
DISKORD will appear together with Obliteration and Sexy Police at Fru Lundgren in Trondheim on the 23rd of January, 2010. Be there!
08 Dec 2009 by ewa

Diskord enters studio to record EP
Today we will enter the studio of our buddies in Execration, to record a few tunes for a forthcoming EP - stay tuned for details!

The songwriting for the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 'Doomscapes' album is well underway as well, and we will hopefully commence recording for that the coming spring.
20 Nov 2009 by ewa

Patches and New T-Shirt
Yay! We have finally gotten around to printing some patches, check one out in all its embroidered-by-the-Chinese beauty:

Diskord Doomscapes Patch

Order now from No Posers Please!

Also, we have a new shirt out for you; Diskord - Neurotic (Psychotic):

Order now from No Posers Please!
05 Dec 2008 by ewa

Ordering the 'Doomscapes' album
Here are some different webshops where you can order our debut album 'Doomscapes':

In addition, here are some websites where you can get the last remaining copies of our 2005 vinyl EP 'hdfh':
(Brad still has some copies left, simply send him an e-mail).
17 Nov 2008 by hj

Videos From Inferno
We've added a new video section to this page, so check the link named "VIDEO" on the left for some clips from our performance at this year's Inferno Festival at Rock In.

18 Jun 2008 by ewa

Diskord at Slottsfjellfestivalen/Kastellnatt

Diskord are proud to announce that we will be playing at this years Slottfjellfestival in Tønsberg, Norway! Other artists include 1349, Blood Red Throne, Keep of Kalessin, Kent, Valentourettes, DeLillos and a bunch of others. Be sure not to miss this this!
18 Jun 2008 by ewa

Death metal festival at Club Maiden
12 Apr 2008 by ewa

Diskord @ the Inferno festival!
Diskord will appear at this years Inferno festival, 2008-03-19, at Rock In. See for the full details.

28 Jan 2008 by ewa

Rave reviews for Doomscapes
Our debut album Doomscapes has been overwhelmingly well received! To quote a few:

"This is a masterpiece and in time I suspect it to become an all time
classic as well" (9/10) - The Streets Webzine
"The best death metal album of the year" (8.5/10) -
"Norway's uncrowned kings of death metal" (5.5/6) - Eternal Terror
"The best pure death metal album to come out of Norway in more than a
decade" - Nocturnal Cult Webzine
"An enormous, solitary realization" (8.9/10) -
"Norway's toughest" (5/6) - Tønsbergs Blad
"Unorthodox and deranged pseudo-death metal" - Deadly Illness Zine
"Power, creativity and attitude" (8/10) - Beat the Blizzard
"Confusing but amazing stuff!" - Putrefactive Effect Zine
"Diskord has a unique sound, and does not resemble anyone" (5/6) - Monster Magazine

Check the reviews section in the menu on the left for the full story!
24 Sep 2007 by ewa

Diskord on the road with the 'Death fest' line-up
We will be playing the following shows this autumn:

16.11 at the "På hjørnet" in Kristiansand
17.11 at the "Tribute" in Sandnes

Supporting us again will be the brutal yet cozy guys in Grotesque Hysterectomy and Abominat.

Be there or be □
14 Sep 2007 by hj

New merch!
New Doomscapes shirt in glorius pink! Order now from Entartete Musik.

12 Jul 2007 by ewa

Live in Horten and new reviews
This friday, 25.05.2007, Diskord is appearing live in Horten together with She Said Destroy and Execration. Hope to see you there!

A couple of nice and well written reviews from, respectively, our gig at Elm Street and of the album Doomscapes from the guys over at have been added to the 'reviews' section in the menu to the left.
23 May 2007 by ewa

A couple of reports from our two latest gigs at Elm Street and Club Maiden, respectively, can be found on the reviews page in the menu to the left. Furthermore, the first review of 'Doomscapes' was overwhelmingly positive, with a score of 5/6 in Tønsberg Blad.
10 May 2007 by ewa

Diskord headlines death metal evening at Club Maiden, Oslo - 20.04.2007
Diskord will headline a cozy evening of death metal at Oslo's latest and greatest metal hangout, Club Maiden. Joining us are our brothers in arms, Abominat and Grotesque Hysterectomy. Doors open at 22, CC NOK 60. Hope to see you all there!
18 Apr 2007 by ewa

Diskord live @ Elm Street
Kickstart the Inferno festival with some jaw-breaking metal! Appearing tonight together with MANNGARD and SHE SAID DESTROY, DISKORD will be performing songs from the recently released debut album DOOMSCAPES.

This is an event you don't wanna miss, so get your ass down to Elm Street tonight, or weep later!
04 Apr 2007 by ewa

She Said Destroy, Diskord and Execration live @ Rivals, Tønsberg
March 16th, 2007. Be there!

10 Mar 2007 by ewa

New guitarist, new album, new gigs!
Diskord is proud to announce new guitarist Espen T. Hangård (noplacetohide, KILLL). Espen will be taking over the guitar duties from Channard, who will now focus on his scumpunk band Lobotomized.

We have received copies of our debut album “Doomscapes” from the printing plant. The album will hopefully be made commercially available very soon, through the label Edgerunner Music and their distributor VME. Feel free to e-mail them and ask for an immediate release.

We have three live dates in Norway set up so far for this spring. Check the ’Live’ section in the menu on the left for details.
16 Feb 2007 by ewa

New samples from Doomscapes online!
That's right, two new songs from the forthcoming debut album Doomscapes are available at MySpace.

The album will consist of the following 12 songs:

1: An architectonic manifestation of death *
2: Public static void
3: Harbinger
4: Absurreality *
5: Cosmic collapse
6: The ubiquitous transience
7: Inane existence
8: Pervasive discreteness
9: Overstrain
10: Heritage
11: Reptilian ancestry
12: Instauration

* Available online at MySpace.

The album's cover artwork is finished as well, pretty in pink:
01 Aug 2006 by ewa

HDFH is out
HDFH is finally out - check the discography for more info!
19 Nov 2005 by ewa

Diskord and noplacetohide @ Garage
Diskord will support noplacetohide at their release party at Garage, Oslo, 18.10.2005.
10 Oct 2005 by ewa

Recording of debut album begins
Today, the recording of Diskord's debut album begins at Skrekk & Skru studios. The recording will last for approximately three weeks.
25 Jul 2005 by ewa

New interview
A new interview is up.
24 Jul 2005 by ewa

Record deal with Edgerunner
Finally, some news from camp Diskord: We are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with Edgerunner Music for our debut album, which will contain raw and fresh material utilizing Diskord's trademark mix of brutal, old school death metal, disharmonious riffs, odd time signatures and some plain old weird stuff. We will enter Skrekk & Skru studios to commence the recording of the as yet untitled album late July this summer.

Furthermore, our long-awaited 7" EP - HDFH - is still in the pipeline for release on Italian label Buio Omega, containing the following sure-to-be blockbusters: HDFH, Infested and Utopia.
21 Jun 2005 by ewa

New interviews
A couple of new interviews can be found on this page.
18 Oct 2004 by ewa

Diskord & Chton @ South of Heaven
Diskord and Chton will play at South of Heaven #8, Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo, 10.09.2004. This will definitively be a night to remember, so be there!

The cover charge is ridiculously low at a mere 20 NOK.
17 Aug 2004 by ewa

Diskord & Imbalance in Drammen
Together with the hard-thrashing crew of Imbalance, we will play a gig at Riggen, Drammen Wednesday 23.06.2004. CC NOK 30.
17 Jun 2004 by ewa

Gig report
Eternal Terror wrote a little report from our latest gig with Cadaver and Klompfot in Trondheim, check it out on the reviews page.
28 Apr 2004 by ewa

Diskord plays support for Cadaver in Trondheim
We will be supporting  the legendary Cadaver at Byscenen, Trondheim, Saturday  24.04.20004. Local band Klompfot will be starting the show, which is arranged by Zone

CC NOK 160.
06 Apr 2004 by ewa

Diskord plays support for Cadaver in Trondheim
We will be supporting  the legendary Cadaver at Byscenen, Trondheim, Saturday  24.04.20004. Local band Klompfot will be starting the show, which is arranged by Zone

CC NOK 160.
06 Apr 2004 by ewa

T-shirts available
We have finally gotten around to printing some T-shirts! Printed in 60 x only, so place your order fast while supplies last. Check the new merchandise page. 
30 Mar 2004 by ewa

Diskord, Vesen & Minas Tirith @ Skuret
Diskord joins forces with the legendary Minas Tirith and the thrashers in Vesen to bring you an evening of high-quality non-conforming extreme metal. Date: 20th of March 2004. Venue: Skuret, which is located in Grønland, downtown Oslo. CC NOK 50.
28 Feb 2004 by ewa

Johnny the manager
Johnny Tombthrasher has joined forces with Diskord, and is our new manager. Welcome on board, buddy!
18 Oct 2005 by ewa

Diskord @ the Sement festival
Diskord will perform at this year's Sement Festival at Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo on the 24th of October. 
11 Oct 2003 by ewa

Diskord @ the Sement festival
Diskord will perform at this year's Sement Festival at Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo on the 24th of October. 
11 Oct 2003 by ewa

Diskord has joined the Legions Battle preceding the Legions of the North festival in Hamar. If you want us appear at this year's festival (or if you just wanna be a nice guy/gal), then vote for us!
14 Sep 2003 by ewa

More reviews. Aural Abjection reviewed by, and our first demo reviewed by Metallum Atmosfear.
14 Sep 2003 by ewa

The reviews keep coming in, the latest (for now) is done by Metallum Atmosfear.
31 Aug 2003 by ewa

Beat the Blizzard has reviewed Aural Abjection, and gave it 9/10! Check it out.
30 Aug 2003 by ewa

Diskord will play live together with Koldbrann at Victoria Kulturhus, Drammen. CC NOK 40. The doors will open at 19:30.
11 Aug 2003 by ewa

For reviews of gigs and recordings, check out this page.
05 Jun 2003 by ewa

Check us out live at Nyx, Oslo, Saturday 24.05.2003. Besides Diskord, the nice guys in Left among the living, Slavia and Disiplin will make this a night to remember! CC NOK 100, beer NOK 37. The doors will open at 20 (8 pm).
19 May 2003 by ewa

The new demo Aural Abjection has been released, containing over 30 minutes of brutal disharmonic metal! For more info, check the discography.
22 Apr 2003 by ewa

Diskord will be appearing live at Betong / Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Thursday 06.03.2003. Also playing are Nebular Mystic and MindGrinder. The doors will be open from 20 (8 pm), and Diskord will go on stage around 22 (10 pm).
25 Feb 2003 by ewa

Check out the new lyrics page
25 Jan 2003 by ewa

For those of you that cannot wait for our new demo to be finished, we have added an unfinished version of one of the songs, Instauration, on the audio page. Enjoy!
21 Jan 2003 by ewa

Diskord will be appearing live at the Royal Oak, Tønsberg, Saturday 07.12.2002. We will warm up for noplacetohide, together with Single Unit. Diskord will go on stage as the first band, so be there early!
20 Nov 2002 by ewa

The tracklisting for our upcoming demo is now completed. The demo will contain the following titles:

1. Havoc Intermezzo (music: ewa)
2. Instauration (music: cm, words: ewa)
3. Cosmic Collapse (music: hje, words: kasper jordan)
4. Existential Absurdity (music: cm)
5. Public Static Void (music/words: ewa)
6. Cease Of Existence (music: hje, words: cm)
7. Neurotic (music/words: cm)
8. Complicity (music: hje, words: ewa)
9. Dysthymic Lifetime (music: cm)
31 Aug 2002 by ewa

The drums for our upcoming demo are now recorded, and will hopefully be mixed during the next week. The demo will contain nine songs, all original material, with the following working titles (in no specific order whatsoever): "Conversion", "Havoc Intermezzo", "Complicity", "Comorbid Condition", "public static void", "Dysthymic Life Time", "Instauration", "Cease of Existence" and "Cosmic Collapse".
01 Jun 2002 by ewa

We are currently working on quite a few new songs for our upcoming demo. So far, one song is completed with vocals, entitled "public static void" (ewa). Also, three instrumental songs are ready: "Comorbid Condition"  (cm), "Havoc Intermezzo" (ewa) and "Dysthymic Life Time" (cm). Expect to see more titles posted here soon.
01 May 2002 by ewa

Diskord's new homepage is finally going online, the new address is Please update your bookmarks.
27 Mar 2002 by ewa

Regretfully, Kvile decided to leave the band due to musical differences, plus he had to concentrate on his studies at the University of Oslo. Diskord will continue to work on some awesome new material as a trio.
20 Jan 2002 by ewa

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