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| Oscillations | 12"LP (red, black) / CD | Hellthrasher Productions 2014 | Hellthrasher XXXV |
                      | 12"LP (blue/black) | Australopithecus Records 2014 | PITH4 |
                      | Tape | Snake Oil Kassettforlag 2016 | CURE04 |


01. Horrid Engine
02. Lethargic Regression
03. Hermit Dream
04. Elytrous Oscillations
05. Symbiotic Whims
06. A Downward Spire

"The music itself is wild, insane, unpredictable and highly creative [...] For those of you who love old-school extreme metal, yet yearn for something different from the norm; this could well be for you."
- Ave Noctum

"a jarring exercise in unorthodox death metal, uniting both the primitive and the complex into an inseparable mass, with bile and broken bones trailing in its wake."
- No Clean Singing

"a marvelous ability to twist old-school tropes into exciting new shapes"
- Stereogum

"If you’re looking for something to get the frayed wires in your head operating again or just want to get you face smashed by something intelligent and thought provoking, this band can treat what ails you every damn time."
- Meat Mead Metal

Håvard: Guitars and vocals
Eyvind: Bass guitar, electric upright bass, theremin and vocals
Hans Jørgen: Vocals and drums

| Dystopics | 12"LP / CD | No Posers Please! 2012 | NPP011 |
                    | Tape | Escaravelho Records 2013 | Escaravelho08 |


01. Entropic Death
02. Overseer
03. Epochal
04. Tremble
05. Woebegoneness
06. Ambisinistral
07. Psychotic Process
08. As the Circus leaves the Galaxy
09. Rambling Words from a sore Throat
10. Metamorphosis
11. Godsends and Hellbents
12. Primitive Doom

Wonderfully avant-garde; utterly fantastic; remarkably unique
- The Metal Advisor

As far from mainstream death metal as you could possibly get
- Scream Magazine

Old school razor-wire riffs [...], wonderful, organic production aesthetics
- Terrorizer Magazine

Dystopics is a clusterfuck of Gorguts-meets-Atheist rhythms and aggression done in an old-school-meets-new-school manner
- No Clean Singing

Espen: Guitars and vocals
Eyvind: Bass and vocals
Hans Jørgen: Vocals and drums

Produced by Diskord and Erik Rasmussen
Recorded by Erik Rasmussen at Subsonic Society, September 2010
Mixed by Erik Rasmussen at Dogskool, winter 2010/2011
Additional recordings by Espen T. Hangård, Cato Syversrud and Chris Johansen
Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio

Cover art by Sindre Schanke
Layout by Espen T. Hangård

Guest performances:
Erik Rasmussen - vocals on Woebegoneness
Chris "Bowelripper" Myhre - lead guitar on Woebegoneness
Cato Syversrud - vocals on Entropic Death and Primitive Doom
Chris Johansen - vocals on Tremble and Primitive Doom

| Oslo We Rot | Split 2x7" | Unborn Productions 2010 | COVEN001 |


Split release with Obliteration, Lobotomized and Execration

Disc 1, side A - Execration
  01. entheogen
Disc 1 - side B - Obliteration
  01. envenomed
Disc 2 - side A - Lobotomized
  01. piss on my grave
  02. golden showers
  03. i shit on your grave
Disc 2 - side B - Diskord
  01. as the circus leaves the galaxy
  02. cease of existence

Espen: Guitars and vocals
Eyvind: Bass and vocals
Hans Jørgen: Vocals and drums

Cover artwork by Kristian Valbo

| Doomscapes | CD | Edgerunner Music 2007 | EDGE015CD |
                        | Tape | Escaravelho Records 2010 | Escarav.MC01 |
                        | 12"LP | No Posers Please! 2013 | NPP013 |
                        | 2CD | Hellthrasher productions 2013 | Hellthrasher XXIX |


01. an architectonic manifestation of death
02. public static void
03. harbinger
04. absurreality
05. cosmic collapse
06. the ubiquitous transience
07. inane existence
08. pervasive discreteness
09. overstrain
10. heritage
11. reptilian ancestry
12. instauration

Channard: Guitar
Hans Jørgen: Vocals and drums
Eyvind: Bass and vocals

Cover painting by Sindre Foss Skancke

Doomscapes review highligts:

"This is a masterpiece and in time I suspect it to become an all time classic as well" (9/10) - The Streets webzine (Norway)

"Oh my twisted sister! This is one of the most original death metal albums I have listened to since 1990 I first discovered death metal! No, I am not joking at all! I find it hard to describe this fucking unique piece of death metal art!" - Black Blood zine #4 (Greece)

"The best death metal album of the year" (8.5/10) - Metal-Norge webzine (Norway)

"Norway's uncrowned kings of death metal" (5.5/6) - Eternal Terror webzine (Norway)

"The best pure death metal album to come out of Norway in more than a decade" - Nocturnal Cult Webzine (UK)

"An enormous, solitary realization" (8.9/10) - (Norway)

"Norway's toughest" (5/6) - Tønsbergs Blad (Norway)

"How outstanding and essential I found Diskord's unorthodox and deranged pseudo-death metal" - Deadly Illness Zine #2 (Hungary)

"'Doomscapes' is a showcase of a band with power, creativity and attitude" (8/10) - Beat the Blizzard webzine (Norway)

"Very at ease whatever rhythms/tempos they play, be it doom parts à la Autopsy or blasting ones like Morbid Angel or putting a trapping break reminding of some ATHEIST tunes. Confusing but amazing stuff!" - Putrefactive Effect Zine #3 (France)

"They come up with some amazing riffs, sounding cool as hell" (5/6) - Monster Magazine (Norway)

"Death metal with surprises, great hooks and twisted riffs" (5/6) - Imhotep Magazine (Norway)

"Something new and creative that hopefully will give Norwegian death metal the credit it deserves" (5/6) - Musiq webzine (Norway)

"Avant-garde and technical death metal madness" - Assault Zine (Russia)

"Diskord dominate and surpass in the mix between death metal from the old school and the need not to stagnate in old formulas" (4/5) - Rockcore webzine (Spain)

"I won't let the cat out of the bag, this is simply a CD that you must hear!!! Category: Highly recommended!!!" - Shrunken & Mummified zine #9 (Hungary)

| hdfh | 7" EP | Vendlus Records/No Posers Please! 2005 | VEND013/NPP001 |



Side a:
 01. hdfh
 02. infested

Side b:
 01. utopia? / graut

Channard: guitar
Hans Jørgen: vocals/drums
Eyvind: bass/vocals

Cover painting by Sindre Foss Skancke.
graut by OSB.

| Aural Abjection | CD-R | Self financed 2003 |

01. Havoc Intermezzo (EWA) 
02. Instauration (CM/EWA)
03. Cosmic Collapse (HJE/KJ)
04. Existential Absurdity (CM)
05. Public Static Void (EWA)
06. Cease of Existence (HJE/CM) 
07. Neurotic (CM)
08. Complicity (HJE/EWA)
09. Dysthymic Lifetime (CM)

Chris Myhre: Guitar
Hans Jørgen Ersvik: Drums and vocals
Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen: Bass

Vocals on Neurotic by Chris Myhre. 2nd and 4th guitar solo on Neurotic by Espen T. Hangård. Accordion on Instauration by Jarle Storløkken. 

Mixed by Espen T. Hangård, Ken Pedersen and Diskord.

 - Front
 - Inside
Design by Ola Sverre Bauge

| Demo 2001 | CD-R | Self financed 2001 |

01. Vortex of Anxiety (CM) 
02. Unreal Hypochondria (CM) 
03. Mind Twister (HJE/CM) 
04. Ignite (EWA) 
05. Outro (CM)

 - Front
 - Back
Design by Ola Sverre Bauge

Hans Jørgen Ersvik: Drums and vocals
Eyvind W. Axelsen: Bass
Kvile: Guitar
Chris Myhre: Guitar and vocals on #3
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