Live dates:

Upcoming shows:

- None at the moment, stay tuned for updates!
Past shows:

- 31.10.2016: Revolver, Oslo, Norway, with Angelcorpse (US)
- 07-08.10.2016: Old Grave Fest V, Bucuresti, Romania
- June 2016: European tour with DHG - 25.-27.03.2016: WitchFest, Johannesburg, South Africa. Facebook event here.
- 29.01.2016: Mono Goes Metal Festival, Århus, Denmark. Facebook event here.
- 11.12.2015: Pokalen, Oslo, Norway, with Demilich and Gouge.
- 20.06.2015: Saturday, Massive Destruction Fest Kickoff, Drammen, Norway.
- 13.06.2015: Saturday,Sczcecin Extreme Fest, Szczecin, Poland. Facebook event here.
- 11.06.2015: Thursday, Klub Ciemna Strona Miasta, Wroclav, Poland, together with Maze and Coherence. Facebook event here.
- 27.03.2015: Friday, G60, Drammen. Facebook event here.
- 27.11.2014: Thursday, Blitz, Oslo, together with Dysmorfic (it) and Higgs Boson (no).
- 24.10.2014: Friday, Kolben, Kolbotn, Norway, together with Obliteration and Execration. Facebook event page.
- 27.09.2014: Saturday, Pokalen, Oslo, Norway. Oscillations release gig! Support: Lobotomized and Morbo (it). Facebook event page.
- 26.09.2014: Friday, Seb's Hotel, Hamar, Norway, together with Deathhammer and Morbo.
- 20.09.2014: Saturday, Fru Lundgreen, Trondheim, Norway. Support: Dumhetens Hær and Infant Death. Facebook event page.
- 01.03.2014, Saturday, Revolver, Oslo, Norway, at the by:Larm festival.
- 27.02.2014, Thursday, John Dee, Oslo, Norway, at the by:Larm festival.
- 01.11.2013, Friday, Betong, Oslo, Norway. South of Heaven Club 10th Anniversary festival. Other acts include CORONER, KATECHON, NOCTURNAL BREED and DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT.
- 30.03.2013, Saturday, Inferno Metal Festival 2013, 22:15 at John Dee stage.
- 08.12.2012, Saturday, Revolver, Oslo, Norway, together with Grotesque Hysterectomy and Execration
- 01.12.2012, Saturday, Seb's, Hamar, Norway, together with Grotesque Hysterectomy and Execration
- 30.11.2012, Friday, Fru Lundgreens, Trondheim, Norway together with Grotesque Hysterectomy and Execration
- 23-30.06.2012: Dystopic Odes of Norway: Diskord and Execration European tour. Click here to access the Facebook event page. Shows:
     - 22.06.2012: Italy, Bologna @ XM24 w/ NASUM + WORMROT. Facebook page
     - 23.06.2012: Germany, Memmingen @ Schwarzer Adler "Mosh Against Southside IV" w/ FLESHCRAWL + ENDDARM. Facebook page
     - 25.06.2012: Czech Republic, Breclav @ Piksla Kafe. Facebook page
     - 26.06.2012: Czech Republic, Prague @ Exit-us w/ POSSESSED (usa) + PANDEMIA. Facebook page
     - 27.06.2012: Germany, Berlin @ Koma-F.
     - 28.06.2012: Germany, Neu-Anspach @ Juz Alt-Anspach w/ WOMB LEECH. Facebook page
     - 30.06.2012: Italy, Milan @ Blue Rose Saloon w/ NECRO + GRINDZERO. Facebook page
- 03.04.2012: DYSTOPICS RELEASE PARTY, at Unholy, Oslo. Ghoul Cult will be supporting us.
- 30.09-01.10.2011: Til Dovre Faller Festival, Dombås, Norway.
- 01.09-03.09.2011: Kill-Town Death Fest, Copenhagen, Denmark.
- 24-27.08.2011: Hole In The Sky Festival, Bergen, Norway. We will be playing on the Assault Stage at Garage on Saturday, with Vomitor and Nekromantheon.
- 20-23.04.2011: The Inferno Festival, John Dee, Oslo. Check for the full details.
- 23-24.10.2010: Live Evil Festival, Cambden Underworld, London, UK.
- 30.04.2010: Truckstop Alaska, Gothenburg, Sweden, Together with Obliteration and Karnarium.
- 24.04.2010: Oslo We Rot! Combined release party and gig together with Obliteration, Execration and Lobotomized.
- 23.01.2010: Inferno Festival Kick Off @ Fru Lundgren, Trondheim. Together with Obliteration and Resonaut.
- 19.07.2008: Slottsfjell festival, Tønsberg, together with (amongst others) 1349, Blood Red Throne, De Lillos, Gogol Bordello and Kent. Check for the full details.
- 18.04.2008: Oslo Death Fest, Club Maiden, Oslo, together with The Allseeing I, Deject and The Sickening.
- 19.03.2008: The Inferno Festival, Rock In, Oslo. Check for the full details.
- 17.11.2007: Tribute, Sandnes, together with Abominat and Grotesque Hysterectomy.
- 16.11.2007: På Hjørnet, Kristiansand, together with Abominat and Grotesque Hysterectomy.
- 25.05.2007: Scene 37, Horten, together with She Said Destroy and Execration.
- 20.04.2007: Club Maiden, Oslo, together with Abominat and Grotesque Hysterectomy.
- 04.04.2007: Elm Street, Oslo, together with She Said Destroy and Manngard.
- 16.03.2007: Rivals, Tønsberg, together with She Said Destroy and Execration.
- 18.10.2005: Garage, Oslo, together with noplacetohide.
- 02.07.2005: Skuret, Oslo, together with Watain and Ghastly.
- 10.09.2004: South of Heaven #8, Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo, together with Chton.
- 23.06.2004: Riggen, Drammen, together with Imbalance.
- 24.04.2004: Byscenen, Trondheim, together with Cadaver and Klompfot
- 20.03.2004: Skuret, Grønland, Oslo, together with Minas Tirith and Vesen.
- 21.11.2003: Kulturlåven, Asker, together with Zyklon and She Said Destroy.
- 24.10.2003: The Sement Festival, Betong, Oslo, together with Tömmermenn, Tidfall ++
- 15.08.2003: Victoria Kulturhus, Drammen, together with Koldbrann
- 24.05.2003: Nyx, Oslo, together with Slavia and Disiplin.
- 25.04.2003: Amatøren, Oslo, at the Band Festival.
- 06.03.2003: Betong, Oslo, together with Nebular Mystic and MindGrinder
- 07.12.2002: The Royal Oak, Tønsberg, together with Single Unit and noplacetohide.
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