Aural Abjection: 
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(Words by EWA)

circuitry concealed
below angst-ridden surface
concatenated flesh and steel

liquid machinery
flowing through veins
conscience to congeal

interwoven order and chaos
intersection of mind and machine
dissection and regeneration
assemble the unforeseen

fragmented pieces of organic matter
dysfunctional, state of the art
twisted pair of artery and copper
incarnated algorithms start

discretized human behavior
digitized face of fright
enervated, unsettled, distorted
mankind in blight


arise the new strain
machinery mundane

Cosmic Collapse
(Words by Kasper Jordan)

unbalanced energy
at the core of the universe
inevitable catastrophe
of cataclysmic proportion

first disappearing:
the light
then all of matter

fatal implosion
cosmic collapse

Public Static Void
(Words by EWA)

cold engineered, summon fire and zero and one

system deployed, initiate void and gather around those whose eyes are as cold 
as the sun

"reassemble the nodes..."

imprint the unscarred, the virus will venture beyond

gather the gatherers, align them statically as one

sinking in
beneath skin

establish the imminent public static void

silence runs through concrete walls
steel arise, surface falls

sinking in
beneath skin

void perceived through eyes of glass
cold and conquered, the muted mass

Cease of Existence
(Words by CM)

The creation of a world
That brought about misery
Unruly chaos everywhere
Plutocracy crushed, humanicide is near
This world is tearing apart
This world must be torn apart

Lethal diseases - take control of the cycle of life
Elements of disaster - destroy in your path
Darkness surround us - cold winter freeze
Source of light (the sun) - swallow the earth

Yellow horizon, burning trees
A planet soon to succumb
Dying species, the most fragile first
Obliteration by Nature, the globe about to burst

From the ashes and dust
Nothing will ever rise
Life has been suppressed

(Words by CM)

Joy abolished
Depressed state of mind
Delusive thoughts
Pessimistic view of life

Solipsistic philosophy
Nourishes the anxiety
Schizoid personality
Anthropophobic reality

Cerebral regression
Chemical imbalance
Distorted areas of the brain
Pain is what remains

Flounder in a sea of fear
Unable to swim - you drown
Breathing stops as you hyperventilate
Eyes lose their sight

Falling into a comatose state
Trapped in your own mental hell
No light at the end of the tunnel
Prisoner in the stronghold of life

Conscious rot
Lobotomy of the soul
Breakdown of the nervous system
Corporeal collapse

Finally laid to rest
But is there peace after death?

(Words by EWA)

render us blind
we relinquish our right to behold

cut out our tongues
we are the mute unspoken ones

this is our world at war
for sale at the fucking dollar store

innocence equals ignorance 
apathy our creed
system of indifference
we, the numbed breed

this is our world at war
for sale at the fucking dollar store

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